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Piotr Kalachyn
DaShtick hurley guitars are spell-charged to wed the ethnic and electric worlds. Playing one is a very sensual experience: bend it in for a free fall a couple of tones down or wiggle a few degrees around your hip or belly for a yearning vibrato. Still discovering the aural magic behind their eye-catching elegance.

MC Fox
I just love sliding up those sticks! They yield real dirty feel.

Tim Leeuwenburg
Quite simply the best - picked one of these beauties up last time in Ireland and brought back to Australia. Brilliant
Comesect Lee
DaShtick guitars will open whole new avenues of musical enjoyment for you, I have a fret less and a fretted shtick made for me a few years back, and they still retain all their glory/harmonics...super fun...extraordinary craftsmanship...customize how ever you wish, I use mine with fuzz and different effects pedals, sounds great...I definitely recommend contacting the man for a custom companion of your own, 
nothing better than a personalized instrument that you feel connected with.
highly recommended.
Dom Bruneau (Lefty Dom)
As a musician and guitar builder, I told my wife that the only guitar I would like to own would be a DaShtick Guitar. For my birthday, she offered one to me. I love it. First of all, it's a left-handed instrument, unique and specially designed for me. I love its unique shape and it sounds really great. The flat pickup gives an emergent sound in a mix. Very interesting in blues (both with fingers and slide playing)