Electric mandolin with a humbucker pickup $1600

Electric mandolin by DaShtick Guitars

Here’s our pride and joy – an electric mandolin fitted with a magnetic pickup from the one and only Vienna’s Original Flatpup Pickups. This model is really special. Not only does it have a very ergonomic shape but also an interesting and original setup.

It was carved out of a single piece of ash wood and unlike most acoustic mandolins, our model has only 6 strings, two single and two double courses. The bass G and D strings are single and therefore the bass lines can be more pronounced. It also has a chambered body, which adds some volume to its acoustic sound. The backplate covering the chambers is made of a single piece of Sapele. The mandolins neck is reinforced with two carbon fiber rods making it quite resistant to the tension of the strings. It has a walnut fretboard decorated with a beautiful piece of genuine Polish amber through which you can see the frame of the pickup nicely tucked under the broad end of the fretboard.

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