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Electric cellotar C3 of DaShtick Guitars

Electric cellotar C3 is a fully fretted 3-string cello with a magnetic pickup. It could be played on a strap – like a guitar or on a stand – just like a regular cello.

Electric cellotar C3 is in fact an electric 3-string cello. Unlike most cellos, this model is fretted and could be played like a guitar or with a bow, which makes it a very versatile instrument. What is more, it comes with a wooden case that serves as its sound box – ideal for an impromptu practice when unplugged. 

This model is fitted with geared tuning pegs which make finetuning extremely easy. Its metal strings interact very nicely with the humbucker pickup (Original Flatpup), producing a warm and deep tone.

It is a truly unique piece and at the same time, a highly functional musical instrument – a real gem, both in your studio and on stage. We always make one instrument at a time and pay great attention to details. This time we added some mojo to it by using a piece of genuine snake skin to cover the pickup. Hope you like it.