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Electric Mohan Veena of DaShtick Guitars

Here’s our take at a lap steel guitar with an Indian twist. 6 melodic strings were not enough in our humble opinion so we decided to take it to the next level. We fitted it with a set of sympathetic strings, tuned accordingly to the main melodic strings.

Our lap steel is actually a variation on a mohan veena – an Indian style slide guitar. Similarly to many Indian string instruments our Lap Steel guitars is fitted with a notorious javari bridge under the sympathetic strings. Each set of strings is picked up by a separate humbucker, balanced with a volume control and a 3 – way switch.

The guitar was cut out from a single piece or highly figured birch wood and then dyed and finally finished with Danish oil. As it is not a fretted instrument we went for tasty copper inlays instead of traditional frets.