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Here's a variety of guitar scale fretted instruments in open or traditional tunings, which allow for combining fingerpicking and slide techniques. Most popular three-stringers are an excellent introduction to the world of electric guitar. One-finger chord chart is available on request. Fingers are currently out of stock.

4 string Bowed DulcimerThe Amber DulcimerBad Dog Bass – electric bass guitarBassicallyBear pawCeltic WolfThe Dulci-stick IIIEagon DraggleEl Bandito del BajoThe Horsekick LapsteelIron, Wood & Pickup IronWood&Pickup II Electric Mohan VeenaThe Beast The Crazy Horse guitar The Raven The DragonetteThe RipperThe RomboThe Rombo II – custom electric guitar The Silver BulletThe Turquoise ScrollThe White TarpanThe Baritone